My name is Deedee

Let's get to know me

I'm a results-oriented product management leader with a strong love of technology, user experience, and digital marketing. I have years of experience working with and building teams who have successfully worked together to accomplish meaningful work for customers.

But, I'm also a dog mom, a cat shelterer, a mountain biker, and consumer of too many streaming services. I have an insatiable sweet tooth, which fuels my late nights of reading. I fancy myself a gamer, but really I just love myself a good Mario adventure.

I aspire to travel frequently when the world opens up, and until then I'll continue to explore the world through my endless pile of books and travel TV shows.
Furry Kids
Sammy (Dog), Dean (Dog)
and Pip (Cat)
Likely to be
eating snacks right now
A pink infinity symbol
mg of caffeine
needed to keep me

Extra credit

I create a work-life balance by finding meaningful overlap in what I do, with what I love to do. I enjoy learning and trying new things in both my work and personal life.

I find my interest in everything to be fairly boundless. I mean, I guess except taxes. And animal husbandry. I can live with a rudimentary understanding of those topics.

Here are some things I'm currently reading, learning, or doing to continue my hunt for more knowledge.
  • Learning Spanish
  • Talking myself into trying kickboxing
  • Polishing HTML and CSS skills
  • Reading all of the Sherlock Holmes books
  • Building a portfolio website
  • Start a business, even as a side gig